Abdul Hamid Mohammed: We won’t disappoint, we will try our best to live up to the fans and community expectations

Star Makers captain Abdul Hamid Mohammed has shown much gratitude to our loyal fans on and off the field which plays a vital role to the clubs progress during the 2020/21 Second Division League. 

Abdul Hamid have been a vital backbone core since his arrival to Star Makers with a great leadership role. 

His character during the match against Madina Miracles and Madina Republicans gingered our lads to a vital 2-3 and 0-1 away victory respectively. 

“As a captain I have learnt that fans plays a huge vital role in sports which we the players knows there is a great expectation from them to offer,” Abdul Hamid Mohammed told the club Media Officer, Mohammed Hafiz. 

“I want to use this platform to thank our fans and the community as a whole to keep on showing their support and God willing we going to do our best on the field. 

“I know there is a great expectation from you guys which we won’t disappoint both our fans on social media and those who follows us to match venues. 

“During both our home and away matches when ever we see them assembled at one stand it’s motivates us to give our best always. 

“Also the community the club finds itself is a hub of football stars so we will always project the club to define our community.” He concluded. 

Abdul Hamid have been a great live-wire in midfield who tackles tirelessly to start an attack on opponent.

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