Abdul Basit Sualla’s ferocious strike wins the day over Madina Republicans on Match-Day four

In-form striker Abdul Basit Sualla beautiful ferocious strike on the 85th minutes from the edge of the box saw Madina Republicans keeper ‘ball watching’ as the ball rifled into the right side of the goal. 

During the first half of the game both clubs wasted huge opportunities which could fetch a lot of goals in today’s derby game but the tempo of the game was so intense. 

Our shot-stopper Godwin Agbosu pulls off a superb save to keep the ball out of the net on the 80th minutes. 

Agbosu kicked the ball to our pacer winger Masud Jassim Mohammed who took the Republicans right back by storm and latched on to a lofted pass which found striker Abdul Basit who controlled the ball and hit a spectacular shot into the right side of the net. 

“The strategy was to hold them not to penetrate to score in the first half and use our flanks during the second half which materialize for us,” Abdul Hamid Mohammed, captain of Star Makers. 

“We were focused from the start of the game and I’m very happy for our win in today’s game against Republicans. We face Madina International in our next game hopefully.” He concluded.

Abdul Basit goal against Republicans gave us the ultimate bragging right over our rivals.

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